Better Days


Better Days Greece was founded in Greece in  2016 in response to the influx of refugees arriving in Lesvos, Greece. It is the Greek implementing partner of Together for Better Days, a Swiss NGO. Together we have supported many projects in Greece, Lebanon, Serbia, and Syria. We want to see a world where refugees and asylum seekers are guaranteed access to their rights and are treated with dignity and humanity. A world where no child under any circumstances is forced to endure the physical and psychological trauma currently faced by millions of children across the world. Some of our most successful projects to date include: The Olive Grove/Better Days for Moria, Elpida Refugee Centre, TAPUAT Child & Family Hub, EcoHub, Socrates Sports & Development, MIRE (Mapping, Identification & Registration Exercise for UASC), Central Triage Pharmacy,  Themida Greece and of course our flagship Gekko Kids. Better Days’ primary missions are based in Athens and on Lesvos. Better Days Greece has worked within the refugee community and as part of the grassroots and formal sector to support those seeking a safer future, with a specific focus on holistic support for unaccompanied and separated children and youth.  Since inception, we have successfully implemented several interventions in Moria camp on Lesvos and designed and managed globally awarded and recognised humanitarian programs in Athens, Lesvos, and Thessaloniki. Our flagship project Gekko Kids (2017-2022), was an alternative educational centre for UASC (unaccompanied and separated children) implemented in Lesvos. Gekko is focused on providing high-quality, individualised education and support and was recently shortlisted by the 5th Global Entreps Awards Committee as one of the 100 Best Practices in the world on Sustainability (UN SDGs),  Innovation and/ or Good Governance in education programming. At Gekko, we strive to create a curriculum that expands outside the traditional academic structures and allows our students to explore different facets of education that inspire creativity and personal development. Our non-traditional and innovative teaching methods, the experience of our staff, and the individualised approach characterising our work have allowed our students to improve their educational and employment prospects, obtain accreditation and assume agency in their lives. The provision of a dignified, safe and child-friendly space is foundational for the effective implementation of our programs.


14 Απριλίου 2021