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Title: Brigade Coordinator

Location: Athens

Languages: Obligatory: Greek (Native Speaker or similar), English (Native Speaker or similar)

About Global Brigades

Global Brigades is an international non-profit that uniquely implements a holistic model to meet a community’s health and economic goals. Our model systematically builds community ownership and collaboratively executes programs with the end goal of sustainably transitioning to a relationship of impact monitoring. In Greece, Global Brigades Ελλάς is expanding its activities via the operation of a Polyclinic in Athens that offers free healthcare services to vulnerable populations. This is where our in-person and virtual internship international programs take place!


Purpose Statement:

We are seeking to create a pool of qualified individuals that could, under short notice, perform the short-term task (1 – 2 weeks per batch) of coordinating a “Brigade,” starting from November 2022. This individual would direct, control, and coordinate the effective development and execution of the assigned brigade. Brigades are short week medical clinic interventions carried out by local healthcare professionals in conjunction with foreign volunteers.

Daily Tasks and Expectations (include but not limited to):

Must ensure that all volunteers comply with their assigned tasks inside and outside of the GB Athens Clinic and in different lodging facilities
The coordinator will report directly to the Program Director or Operations Manager regarding any eventuality that occurs during the course of the brigade days
The coordinator must ensure that other members of staff maintain continuous communication. This includes informing them about any updates to itineraries or changes in them so that they are prepared in advance.
In charge of the request, administration, and settling of contingency expense funds as governed by the organization’s liquidation policy.
Ensures the safety of foreign volunteers and staff inside and outside the GB Athens Clinic and lodging facilities
The coordinator must report all the activities carried out during the development of the brigade program. This report must include evaluations of the personnel in charge and any anomaly that may have arisen during the brigade.
The coordinator undertakes to comply with the policies of zero tolerances and the code of ethics established by the organization.
The coordinator must present the completed brigade report to the office staff after each brigade.  Payment will be withheld until the delivery of this report.

Other Responsibilities:

Volunteer Assignment
Work with the local GB staff & GB  Program Associate to ensure volunteers have effective service opportunities Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Ensure adequate supervision and management for the entry/exit of volunteers to the GB Athens Clinic each day (including COVID-19 protocols)
Support volunteers and GB  partners to effectively provide service
Support the health and safety of volunteers

Ongoing Volunteer Support and Monitoring
Orient and train volunteers to be effective and respectful volunteers
Advise volunteers on safety risks they might encounter inside and outside the GB Athens Clinic, as well as ensuring they understand and adhere to the GB  Policies
Be familiar and responsible for the emergency evacuation process of volunteers from the GB Athens Clinic and Lodging Facility
Present to volunteers complex issues, such as refugee/migration topics, Greek culture and history etc

Uphold professionalism, excellence and support for the volunteers at all times.
Follow country-specific operating policies and guidelines established by GB.
Follow the advice and instructions of the GB  local partners and ensure volunteers are clear on these
Support volunteers with issues, medical emergencies and any work-related concerns to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the volunteers and patients.
Uphold  Global Brigades core values in all dealings.
Be available 24/7 for the volunteers (the coordinator will be staying in the same compound as the volunteers and be there for them during the brigade).
Be accountable for accurate financial reporting and use of funds.
To regularly review and improve volunteer programming.

Required Skills and Abilities:

Able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of individuals (volunteers, refugee population, staff, doctors etc.)
Able to deal effectively with ambiguity and change
Able to make high-quality decisions in stressful situations with limited resources and time
Previous experience working in a refugee context in Greece
Cross-cultural awareness


Global Brigades will provide training beforehand and a debriefing after each brigade.
Organization phone will be provided for this week with credit
CVs will be kept on file and GB will communicate upcoming brigade schedules to the relevant and immediately available persons at the time. Unavailability to work with brigades more than two times in a row may lead to the applicant being moved lower on our list of priority coordinators.

To apply please send your CV AND Cover Letter to: [email protected]

For more information visit Global Brigades and Global Brigades Greece

Applying for this position means that you have read and agree with the Global Brigades CV Policy

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