Miracle Ribbon


Mission Statement: A Philanthropic endeavor to support needy & disadvantaged people around the world through our global community by using all forms of fundraising via media, publications, conferences, film and other initiatives. As well as supporting educational, charitable and spiritual works of monasteries and other philanthropic organizations. Regardless of nationality, political beliefs, race, color or gender.

Vision: Our vision is to develop a global community in order to promote a relationship of love between people who have lived the miraculous benefaction of the Holy Mother and the Saints. Our campaign strategy and action plan will create a new platform which will bring together, give hope and strengthen the faith of all those that pass through emotional, spiritual, physical difficulties.

Objectives are to build engagement of our volunteers and visitors to the site as well as our partner companies. An important part of the solution, with Miracle Ribbon’s support, is developing integration and self-reliance projects as part of the broader future development programs.

• Help people discover the compassion and love of our Holy Theotokos.
• Help give faith and meaning of life again to emotional & spiritually suffering people.
• Support the educational, charitable and spiritual works of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi.
• Support and spread the development of other charitable campaigns.

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2 Μαρτίου 2024