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Creative YouthLand is a Greek Non-Profit Organization aiming to empower young people, engage communities and raise environmental awareness through arts. We create learning experiences based on theatre, movement, music, crafts and other creative approaches. Creative Youthland was founded in September 2014, after having acted as an informal group of young people for a few years. It is based in Egio and it acts on a local, regional, national and international level.

With a local, European and international scope, our mission is to transform lives through a combination of non-formal education methods with artistic approaches that derive from theatre, circus and dance, painting, sculpture, music, poetry, visual arts, etc, providing learning and creation space to young people and under-represented communities, and develop capacity among educators, youth workers, facilitators and artists.

Our vision is more equitable societies where communities are united and young people thrive.

Our Values are:
We believe in TRANSFORMATION of lives when people realize that with their uniqueness in a community it is possible to live a healthy, happy life.
We stand for COMPASSION to different people, we accept their backgrounds and respect their needs and perspectives.
We believe in RESILIENCE, as the art of accepting vulnerability and encouraging people to embrace mistakes and try again.
We trust in the power of the ARTS to enrich young people’s lives in all their aspects.
We believe that LEARNING is a life-long process that should be provided to everyone.
We value as vital the verbal and non-verbal EXPRESSION of feelings and thoughts for people’s communication, understanding and acceptance.
We hold respect for NATURE as it is the ultimate source of life.
We value MERAKI (Greek ‘μεράκι’), as vital for people’s engagement, putting ourselves into what we are doing with love, soul and creativity, whatever it may be.

Having seen the impact of mobility projects not only on our lives but also on our communities and the world, we are continuously seeking to acquire and provide new knowledge, skills, competences and attitudes. 

We coordinate and are partners in Erasmus + projects for:

Mobility of youth (Key Action 1): We participate and organize Youth exchanges, Training courses, Job shadowing, European Solidarity Corps.

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (Key Action 2): We work with partner organizations from other countries and run projects to build capacity in the fields of youth, adult education and schools.

– Support for Policy Reform (Key Action 3): We take part in strategic activities supporting policy reform across the EU.

We also run Workshops, Courses, Art Shows, and Events on a local and national level to promote personal, social, cultural and environmental awareness.