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Are you looking for an opportunity to gain experience in an NGO?

Are you interested in getting experience in a professional kitchen?

Are you concerned about the plight of displaced people in Greece, and across the EU?

People are diverse, and so are their reasons for volunteering.

Project Armonia welcomes all who subscribe to our core values and can volunteer one day per week for our kitchen team.


Working with, not for, our community to ensure that the basic human rights of all are met and protected.


We are committed to creating opportunities for displaced people to share and strengthen their skills. Through this, we aim to facilitate self-sufficiency and enable people to actively participate in their new society.


In Greek, Armonia means ‘harmony’. One of the guiding principles of our work is not just to serve food, but to use it to build a welcoming environment where people feel engaged, supported, and have a sense of belonging.

We are a non-profit organisation acting in solidarity with displaced people to promote equal access to nutrition and education. Our programme in Athens aims to address the most urgent basic needs of displaced people whilst simultaneously creating opportunities for social inclusion and active participation in the community.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our project; without them we cannot realize our aims.


We need volunteers for our kitchen team!

As part of the kitchen team, you will be working to prepare and cook tasty, nutritious and healthy meals for distribution to displaced and homeless people in Athens. You will  join a professional team, working together with our chef and cook.  You will learn about food preparation, nutrition values, food safety and hygiene standards. Please  note that  prior experience is not required!

You will have all the support you need, and a warm, friendly, and dedicated team to be a part of.  We also cover the expenses for getting the Health Certificate, and the Food Safety Certificate (certified by the Hellenic Food Authority-EFET).

We ask that our volunteers fulfill the following requirements:

●     They live in Athens, or they are planning to come to Athens, and are able to cover their own expenses

●     Minimum 22 years of age

●     Minimum  2 months commitment

●     Availability to work 1 shift per week (8h/w)

●     Ability to communicate in English

Looking forward to receiving your application!

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